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Mobile Search is sooo different

Search in the mobile domain is going to look so different from the way we use search on our PC. As described below in the article about the “Now, New, Near” web, the PC search is used mostly as a … Continue reading

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Groups versus Networks

Please have a look at Stephen Downes, a researcher in e-learning. Explaining the difference between groups and networks. This stuff is applicable on many areas.. Just think about it..

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Buy your Free Hugs T-shirt here!

Hi, Just opened shop on Spreadshirt.. 😉 Already ordered one for myself. I will be wearing it friday at Brightlive. See you there?? Thanks to the people at Spreadshirt for sponsoring(express sending) the shirt.

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Virtual Phone in Second Life

Finally we can call in Second Life.. “At YouNeverCall, we have decided to venture beyond our traditional customer base,” states Sam Michelson, CEO of YouNeverCall, “and Second Life offers us more than a 1.5 million potential new customers. The virtual … Continue reading

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The “Now New Near” Mobile Web

An absolute treasure found by Tommi about how the function of the mobile web will differ from the traditional PC web environment. It clearly sees the mobile web being created around the user and how it integrates in our daily … Continue reading

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How to use SMS creatively

Hi, very inspiring story at Coolhunting about Troika using SMS technology in new and creative ways. I love how they dismissed the original function of SMS and used the technology to make a new product. The Tool for Armchair Activists … Continue reading

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Explaining the popularity of the Penguin

I am wondering if Penguins are more popular now than a couple of years ago. I see Penguin movies(Happy Feet), Documentary(March of the penguins), On Amazon(cool deals) and Linux ofcourse. Do the Penguins remind us of our position in this world. Sense … Continue reading

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