Open playground: X-series

Well here after couple of days that the news broke my ideas about X-series..

Finally someone who dares to make the jump. The jump of the ‘steady’ docks of voice on to the rocking(no IMS) boat of data.. Brave people! Question is ofcourse: Were they pushed on the boat or are they like Columbus brave explorers with vision and hope. I hope the later. I so hope they have an insight into the future. A telescope reaching beyond the horizon.

The idea of such a simple proposition makes me very enthousiastic as a customer..Well that is a good sign. I wonder what the big thing will be in X-series. Will P2P services like Peerbox fly? Can we start Podcasting on mobile phones? Will we Skype? Will me use offboard navigation apps? Mobile TV? Mobile blogging? Music Download? Content sharing? Will it encourage the development of new services and apps?

Oh if this proposition does not work…..we are truely *@#$%^*&

Seriously! We should all hope that this works..because really if the customer doesn’t want this.. We Probably need to wait yet a couple of years again until services are so intelligent(context aware) that using them is as intuitive as riding a car. “phone please download …” “phone please search …” “phone please bring me home” etc.. If this doesn’t work I really start to question if the mobilephone can be used by a large group of users for internet known services with the according distributionchannels(Browsers, ODP, apps).

If anybody from 3 is reading this…please keep me informed 😉

God bless and all the best on your data voyage! Watching with anticipation!

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