Real Life: internet spin off

More and more I am drawn to initiatives which mix the online world with the real world. When a community force is involved in such an iniative it really wakes me right up. Things like the Freehugscampaign and OneWorld. These initiatives start to spread all over the world. Makes me even wonder if we all would hold hands we could create world peace 😉

Well I am drifting.. Ji Lee started a project where he started sticking empty cartoon balloons(30.000 pieces) on ads in New York. He waited what people would write on them and posted those on his internetpage.

Well why are the bubbleproject and the hug campaign such strong tools? Here are my thoughts:

Communication: it provokes communication

Community: everybody is part of one project

Creativity: it facilitates creativity

More and more I think that these 3 elements are the key to many social products we now see on the internet(social sharing, networks). Do we see examples of initiatives containing these magic three elements in the “real life”? Stich and Bitch: the knitting groups which are popping up all over the world. Looks like the magic three are contained there.

Is it possible that the creative power and sense of community which is created through the internet now spins off in real life. So we basically freed ourselves from passive consumption(TV) and formed the tools we (deeply)wanted(community, creativity and communication) on internet and now we are ready and confident to build these tools back in real life?

Example: Will we see more dance contests on the schoolground?


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