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Open playground: X-series

Well here after couple of days that the news broke my ideas about X-series.. Finally someone who dares to make the jump. The jump of the ‘steady’ docks of voice on to the rocking(no IMS) boat of data.. Brave people! … Continue reading

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Voice Recognition Software Beats Fastest Text Messenger(the video)

Couple of days ago I blogged about Nuance’s new voice recognition software.. Well here is the YouTube commercial.. Enjoy! Very impressive!!!

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Who pays for Mobile Broadband?

Hi, here an excerpt from a blog entry over at Telco 2.0. I put the two most relevant lines for me in bold.. Who finances broadband access networks? End-users, municipalities, content providers, merchants, advertisers? Broadband is heralded as the golden … Continue reading

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Adding the 3rd dimension to internet content

3D is really taking off now. Have you seen Microsoft’s Virtual Earth? It now has 3D images.. Last week I was confronted with Geminimobile. A company creating Mobile Social Networking software in 3D. On there site is a very nice … Continue reading

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Why is Mobile Internet not taking off??

Just watched this clip from MobileYouth06 and it is shocking to see the complete lack of interest in Mobile internet… Why is that? More and more I start to think that we will skip the mobile browser and try to … Continue reading

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Eepybird’s story

Everybody saw the first video of Eepybird(Mentos-cola).. Now Eepybird is building a complete new business model around these clips together with Google.. Free distribution and earning money on advertising together with Google(Google Sponsored Videoprogram). So much fun to see independent … Continue reading

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