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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy … Continue reading


BIG words for 2007: 1st word CHOICE!!

The effect of choice…this will be bigger than it already is. The information overload..The abundance.. The customization. I already talked about Barry Schwartz idea of the negative aspects of choice. How will me manage it all? What effect has it … Continue reading

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Tagged on X-mas

Merry X-mas! Just been tagged by Yme. So you probably know the drill.. Time to share 5 things with you you don’t know yet. 1. My second name is Juhani. My mother is finnish. Yes, I can speak it. No, … Continue reading

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Nice Fleck feature

I posted this directly from the site to this blog with the new Fleck feature. This makes posting a lot easier! Blog » Fleck Straight To Your Blog With Fleck!


Barcodereader for N73 available!

Finally the distribution of the barcodereaders is starting. In the download section of the N73(if you update the catalog) the barcodereader is available.. Let the games begin! Just try to scan the QR code on my about page. It will … Continue reading

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“New Presence” Manifesto

Alec Saunders, who I admire for his vision, wrote (again) a great piece on the future of presence information in telecom industry. He presents a new presence model: “New Presence is a user-centric view of presence.  Instead of merely reflecting the … Continue reading

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Taking over Public Space

I see more and more examples of people leaving their mark(Tag) in public spaces through stickers. Next to that pins seem to be very hot too. The stickers and pins I am talking about are not of big brands but … Continue reading

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Growth(isolation) strategy vs. Contribution(connected) strategy: an example

Hi, Found a nice clip on YouTube how a contribution strategy(see posts below about end of brands) works in a connected community environment. This example is in meatspace, but is just valid as online.

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Merry X-Mas

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End of Brands, beginning of reputation(part two)

The last decades companies have lived in isolation. They were to big and technology was not ready to create dialogue with your favourite people(customers). Many research firms helped companies to interpret the needs of their customers. Ad agencies tried to … Continue reading

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