Expectations 2007

As the year is about to end it is always time to look back… NOOOO!!!! It is time to look to the next year ofcourse.. ;-). So what can we expect to be big? Here are my guesses(wishlist):

  • TV will change forever: mobile TV, interactive TV, amateur TV and P2P TV
  • Hollywood needs to make distribution decisions..DVD vs IP
  • Before june a company will be brought down to their knees by a community activity
  • The Physical World Connection via 2D barcodes, location and RFID will start to enrich our lives.
  • Mobile IM will become mainstream from second half 2007. Usage is dissappointing( I dare it)
  • Location based services will become big(on the basis of cell-id not GPS): location aware communities, Geotagging,
  • Vlogging will create new idols. Vlogging is nit for the masses(not everyone is entertaining)
  • The gap between the connected(web2.0 ers) and the not connected start to become a political item.
  • At the same time “the connected” start to use their power, creativity and skills to do good.. Think sustainability(www.worldchanging.com)
  • Companies who take cocreation seriously will start to see their first positive results
  • Advertising agencies are on the long term predicting financially difficult times
  • YouTube’s growth starts to slowdown. The original fans start to spread out to new sites(the MySpace effect)
  • Mobile internet does not grow as much as expected(that one is easy)
  • Pressure on government starts to grow as they are the only entity which is not connected(no cocreation, dialogue)
  • Online addiction becomes an social issue..People just need to be 24 hours a day online..
  • Apple Iphone is delayed untill summer because of unstable software

Well this the list until now.. I will think of a couple more probably. Anything to add?

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3 Responses to Expectations 2007

  1. Joost says:

    Raimo, I think you forgot the explosive growth of Second Life?

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Valid point. How about the dissapointing number of active users?

  3. thinkmobile says:

    “Apple Iphone is delayed untill summer because of unstable software”

    Hmm…June Steve said…that will be August at least

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