“New Presence” Manifesto

Alec Saunders, who I admire for his vision, wrote (again) a great piece on the future of presence information in telecom industry. He presents a new presence model:

“New Presence is a user-centric view of presence.  Instead of merely reflecting the crude, device specific “availability awareness” of today, New Presence systems understand our context, relationships, wants and desires.  The New Presence model reflects the integrated conversation web we live in today.”

The New Presence Model:
presence model

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2 Responses to “New Presence” Manifesto

  1. Hans Mestrum says:

    I like this picture. It makes things clear. But what I am wondering is how a device will look like with this datamodel? It surely is a kind of ‘personal navigator thing’ but it seems it is very complex at the one hand but very simple to use. It should be really KISS (keep it simple stupid).
    What is your idea?

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Hi Hans,

    Well. Actually it will be the network that needs to supports this model the most. The device “just” needs some great user friendly applications. Most likely there will be 3 main entrances: communicator(location, presence, IM, buddies), Navigation(social (local)search, gps) and entertainment(music, video, sharing, pics). I am not sure yet how social networks will be distributed to the consumer.

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