Tagged on X-mas

Merry X-mas!

Just been tagged by Yme. So you probably know the drill.. Time to share 5 things with you you don’t know yet.

1. My second name is Juhani. My mother is finnish. Yes, I can speak it. No, it is not the reason Nokia hired me (I hope);-)
2. I always wanted to be an architect( I love LEGO ;-)). Somehow I still see myself as an architect. I am just not working on buildings..
3. I rediscoverd the web only this summer. Last 6 years been so focussed on mobile that I didn’t (really) see the change. Trying to catch up..
4. I hate it that I cannot program. So many great ideas so little skills..
5. Next year around X-mas I will be doing something completly different than what I am doing currently..

Well passing the torch to..: Marcathing, All about Mobile Life, Law Of Mobility, Anina, Guido@home

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