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Expectations 2007

As the year is about to end it is always time to look back… NOOOO!!!! It is time to look to the next year ofcourse.. ;-). So what can we expect to be big? Here are my guesses(wishlist): TV will … Continue reading

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Customers-> Companies-> Government

Yesterday there was an article in a dutch newspaper about a letter send by CEO’s and other Top Management of the dutch major companies to the government asking for a longterm vision on nature and climate issues. These CEO’s believe … Continue reading

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I Love my Mac just wished it came in GREEN

Well this is a great example how my below post(end of brands) works in practice. I finally understand why I don’t like Apple…

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The end of brands, the birth of reputation(part 1)

A big part of rich western world(let’s remember we are a small part of the total world) is now getting connected through internet. Social networks and blogs are the perfect examples. Next to that we are connected we are getting … Continue reading

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Hi, here is an additional social mapping product. The site is a mixture of local search, geo(book)marking(is that a new word?) and community(buddy search). Basically very allround site. This might be a problem to get to a critical mass soon. … Continue reading

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The 2 single biggest forces: Location and Community

Hi, these two forces that keep me busy.. Here is a nice blog entry at Rrove Blog about sites dedicated to social mapping. There is just so much fun possible in this field. Personally I believe function serves form here. … Continue reading

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Next steps in personal media according to the CrownPrince of Mobile Multimedia

Two clips of Anssi Vanjoki at NokiaWorld about Personal media and (mobile)2.0 All clips of NokiaWorld can be found here hehe Watch the ones of Phil Brown and Alan Moore, both very inspiring..

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Nokia’s new UI

The guys from Extend Limits found some great clips of Nokia’s vision on UI presented at NokiaWorld here in Amsterdam. I love how they challenge exisiting UI.

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Mash-up Voip: Talkonaut, Googletalk, Gtalk2voip gateway and MSN to set-up mobile2fixed voipcall

but it works… So what am I talking about? Well just used Talkonaut. Which is a mobile application(like Nimbizz) which also enables VOIP calls. So what I wanted to do is call from my mobilephone to an MSN account. Well … Continue reading

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Power to the people

Something is changing.. It is big… Our relationship with the BIG brands and Multi Multinationals is changing. We know them, they know us.. They know we are not interested anymore in the BS marketing. We want more. The days of … Continue reading

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