Growth versus Contribution

Just made a presentation about the change from Growth to Contribution focus within companies.

You can watch it at Slideshare

Really would appreciate feedback..

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4 Responses to Growth versus Contribution

  1. Excelent, this is not something we (or anyone else) have to discuss or agree on because it’s currently happening around us. Another interessting part would be what kind of influence these changes have on current business models and how models will have to change.

    I would change the grey font to something that contrasts more with the black background.

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Thanks..(for the tip)

  3. EJ says:

    Goede presentatie! Heb ‘m net eens wat langduriger gelezen.

  4. thinkmobile says:

    Thanks.. Ben ook benieuwd wat je van 3D Value Chains en Value Chain Rehuffle vindt.. Ook op Slideshare te vinden. Heb het idee dat er een grote verschuiving aankomt…

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