User Generated Products

Made yet another powerpoint presentation(replaced the presentation). I still love powerpoint to express myself. For me it works better than written words or pictures..

This time I write about the changing role of the BIG BRANDS due to total transparancy, technology and the commoditization of distribution.

Basically we can expect Product Mash-ups where big brands facilitate building blocks(at most) and the smaller scale companies serve their specific public..

Adidas Zissou:

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3 Responses to User Generated Products

  1. Mike Janssen says:

    Dear Raimo, your presentation is really interesting but I have a differtent oppinion on some of the things saying. I agree on the movement you describe. We also agree on the fact that this will largely effect the (product to consumer) business, Where we disagree is the fact that you state it to be a choice between to business approaches; Intrinsic (new) or aspirational (old). I believe it is both. There is no choice, there is communication technique. because of people connecting “consumer transparency” has arrived. That will influence consuming behaviour and will drive the marketing / communication business to emphasize on authentic (product) values as well as the asprirational (organisational) values.
    Brands lacking roots or authenticity will face severe problems because of the fact that television as a medium is losing power as the sole source of product information. Regards, Mike

  2. thinkmobile says:


    The intrinsic versus aspirastional part was the weakest part of the story. I am currently making a presentation avbout 3D valuechains where I focus more on function and value. Really inspiring stuff I hope ;-).

    Preview: We cannot control the end user experiences anymore..We have to let go..


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