Designworld: “We are ashamed, back to contributing”

Just read an article at Core 77 about what is going on in designsland. Seems that designers(even Phillipe Starck) start to be ashamed of the world they helped create. There seems to be a general feeling of guilt towards the amount of useless products that are created.

Design has been used as a marketing tool. Design used as a label of quality. Next to that it is used as aesthetic manipulation that stimulates the urge to buy( via color, shape and surprise).

I love this sentence. It is exactly what I believe.

“Taking a leaf out of Dieter Rams’ book he goes on to expound an “approach to design, of leaving out the design, [which seems] more and more of the way forward.” By this he means working hard to ‘design out’ designerly flourishes, so as to get at the essence of an object and reach an understanding of its appropriate position within a historical visual context—or as he puts it, crafting objects that know their ‘place in the society of things”

Some brands are doing the right things…
Iittala creates objects that are thought through in form, function and quality. Objects with a clear thought, created to achieve long lasting everyday use and inspiration.

Design is becoming about contributing!!!

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