My iPhone post..shit!

I am not happy.. My loyalty to Nokia is threatened for the first time since the N7650(milestone)..

This is a new MILESTONE! I have never in the 8 years I worked in the mobileindustry been so blown away.. I have alot of respect for the Apple team. They have faced tremendous challenges to create this device..

I just can’t believe it… I wonder what my ex colleagues are discussing now. I mail them tomorrow they probably haven’t seen it yet..(just kiddin)

Concluding: Symbian..TIME TO GET OUT OF THE MIDDLEAGES!!!!!

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8 Responses to My iPhone post..shit!

  1. exceem says:

    How much do you think they will cost i hope i can get a cheap iphone but something tells me that there goner cost a fair bit of money.

  2. thinkmobile says:

    499 US with a 2 year subscription with Cingular…Ouch!

  3. Anton says:

    UI is revolutionary, functionality is comparable with lots of other smartphones. Price is way too high!

  4. thinkmobile says:


    Don’t be so rational. It has high “Show” value and high “Wow” value..That has a price. Look at the Nokia8800..

  5. Anton says:


    It has both “Show” and “Wow”, but that doesn’t mean it will match the Ipod succes…

  6. Guido says:

    Guy’s, it’s really great. Have you seen the key note speech for a live demo. And great Raimo, that you know came to your senses

  7. thinkmobile says:

    Time will tell…

    …if I will use it

    … if it will be a success

    I got this feeback anonymously:

    1) Market share: 1% global market share or 8 million phones in 2008 is NOT feasible. Even with subsidies, this product cannot compete in a year’s time in EMEA and Asia. Those markets are crucial to make the numbers, not to mention the fact that the Cingular deal will delay the CDMA launch to cover all US carriers and compete with the big manufacturers.
    2) Profitability: This is all about reaching economy of scale which will not happen until 10% of the global market is captured, please note that the PC market is different as it is more a software than a hardware play.
    3) Brand: Apple has great brand preference with enormous growth potential outside the current brand territory like PC’s and iPod’s.
    4) Design: Marvelous design! Looking at the N800, Apple has not reinvented the phone, nevertheless certainly made the design leap ahead of the competition.
    5) Thin: Great size, however the 3G engine will need more space which will make the product fatter and please make sure you’re close to a charger.
    6) Radio technology: Apple does not have the radio technology necessary to compete in the premium smart-phone segment, note the lack of 3G. Most companies which lacked radio technology have failed over the years like the Japanese manufacturers in GSM in the late nineties.
    7) R&D: Giants like Nokia and Motorola spend close to $10 billion on R&D which makes it hard for Apple to compete in this new field with a lot of technologies crossing the chasm every day.
    8) Price: In a certain price category, a product needs to compete on both the premium brand, design as well as the features. Apple’s feature list sounds impressive compared to the other phones on the market in the US, however, would compare to second or third tier manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Before moving down in price and start roaming the mass-market, Apple needs to win the high-end and become profitable.
    9) Battery life: Knowing the battery life of the ultra-thin smart-phones like the Black Jack which is shipped with two batteries in-box, with Wifi, Apple would need to ship with 3 batteries in-box or wait for the fuel-cell breakthrough.
    10) OS: OSX is not developed from the ground up for smartphones like Psion/Symbian was. This means that Jobs’ “killer app is making calls”
    is probably not as well integrated with the iPod and the PIM functionality as it should have been the case, Wifi and BT will drain the battery and only a very fast and expensive processor might be able to cater for a fast-working UI.

  8. Ilya Lichtenstein says:

    If you’re a Nokia fan, take a look at the upcoming N95. Aside from touchscreen, it demolishes iPhone in every category (5MP Carl Zeiss Camera, Integrated GPS, Tv-Out, Dedicated 3D GPU, etc etc)

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