Was talking to a friend of mine about sharing. He came with the idea to share a powerpoint presentation within a certain community where every participant in the group adds 1 slide to enrich the topic. The end results will be made public..

So any ideas which topic we should address first?

I have some bloggers in mind:
Marc Fonteijn
Hans Mestrum
Yuri van Geest
Marco Derksen
Mike Janssen
Erno Hannink
Jeff Merrell

So.. coming week I will try to get the details right, gather some feedback about this idea and see if any bloggers are willing to share and create together through powerpoint..

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17 Responses to WikiPPT

  1. Mike Janssen says:

    Count me in.
    Here is my subject suggestion: The changing paradigm from thinking “We are seperated individuals” towards “We are all one” and translation of this apprehension to business strategy.

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Hi Mike, That sounds like THE subject this blog is about. I am very curious what bthe result will be. I will start on the first slide. Let’s see what we create.

  3. Neok says:

    Interesting subject, though the phrase “we’re all one” has too much a taste of “eenheidsworst” to me. We could all try to contribute more effectively to one goal. Enhanced connectivity and collaboration tools are now widely available.
    However, I am Just a passer by that is reading the blog for the first time. Will keep an eye on it though!
    Good luck!

  4. thinkmobile says:


    Well noticed. I like the: We are conncted. I believe that diversity will be stimulated now that we are connected..

  5. Hans Mestrum says:

    Wow, that’s really a great idea!

  6. Mike Janssen says:

    @ Neok

    To understand “We are all one”please read

  7. I really like the idea. It’s co-creation to the max! Will the result be the dumbness of crowds or an example of collective intelligence.

    Different point of views, different experience levels, different social contexts. I’m really looking forward on the outcome but the journey to the outcome is even more interessesting to me.

    (The link to your friend is broke.)

  8. thinkmobile says:

    Hi all,

    A rule I wanted to add is that the maximum number of slides. I am thinking between 10-15. What is your opninion?

    Next to that I am not sure if we should select the people how will fill in the PPT or that we need to give people the option to spread through thier own network. With other words. We all could start with the same first page..Then send it to our network. After 10-15 slides we collect them again and publish the results…

  9. thinkmobile says:

    @all people mentioned in the post

    You just got spammed with your first WikiPPT..

    Let’s see what happens..;-)

  10. Peter Mulder says:

    Small suggestions from previously mentioned friend;

    The original idea comes from a coaching excercise; ‘relay-questioning’

    The idea behind the exercise it is not only to come to an synergetic end product but also to really listen to the questions/contributions other people have and build on that…

    So my suggestion; let go of ‘a subject’ and be inspired by the information you will get from the previous slides; feel what it does to you and what comes up…and add…

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  13. Tom van Brunschot says:

    Very interesting and fun experiment. Hans, thank you for the invitation to join. The subject is well chosen Mike. I doubted coining a metaphysics quote in reaction to Hans’s slide for a moment, but now seeing your link on ‘We’re all one’ I’m glad that I did anyway…

  14. Mike Janssen says:

    Hi guys.
    I sent out my 2 slides and am patiently waiting if something comes out of this.
    Already having fun………

  15. Hans Mestrum says:

    Hi Raimo,

    did you receive some presentations?

  16. One Wikipoint has gone overseas and is in Canada now.
    To be continued….

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