Recommendations for books on my holiday

Last couple of months I developed a new hunger. A new hunger to read..

In a couple of weeks the family and I will go to Thailand. Three weeks in Chiang Mai..

Great time to do some reading. I got some recommendations but love to hear from you what you would recommend.

Some tags for my books: groups, communities, crowds, change, empowerment, facilitation, contributing, meaningful, people and the changing role of companies.

Current list:

Intensieve menshouderij

Met gevoel voor realiteit

Seven Day weekend

Convergence Culture

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3 Responses to Recommendations for books on my holiday

  1. Gerjanne says:

    De vertraagde tijd – Arnold Cornelis

    The fountainhead – Ayn Rand

  2. mike janssen says:

    Hi Hans,
    Fully agree Arnold Cornelis, he is my hero.
    Considering the themes mentioned I can recommend:

    >Synchronicity – Joe Jaworski
    >Presence – Joseph Jaworski, Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer e.a
    >High Noon, 20 Global Problems and 20 Years to Solve them – J.F. Rischard
    > the Field – Lynne McTaggart


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