The difference between creation and production

How to solve this one. I feel there is a difference…

Creation vs. Production
Create vs. Produce
Creator vs. Producer
Creativity vs. Productivity!!!! Ha…. Here we maybe start to see the difference..
Create is about maximum value in one thing? Produce is about maximum quantity with one thing?


My daughter made a drawing today. She loves to CREATE them. She also loves to cut them up. How would a producer feel?
Is a producer focused on the TANGIBLE THING and the creator focused on THE EMOTIONAL VALUE?

So is production an external activity(between things) and creation an internal activity(between humans)?

Let’s change some words:
Hollywood producer –> Hollywood creator
Production line –> Creation line

Talk soon!

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2 Responses to The difference between creation and production

  1. Tomas says:

    Thank you for the wonderful post-the question that inspires and revives what hides behind the curtain.
    I hope we will have the deep correspondence yet. However, let it be based not on the musing but the concrete life. Thus you are heartily welcomed to my Candle day blog ( Have a look and we will talk soon.

    And please click on the You will find there the artists of the Psychiatric hospital… These people can create but have no chance to share their works. (?) In the light of above, the productivity obtains a bit other meaning here. Art therapy allows us the discovering of our inner self in the eternal conflict between the external and internal values. And recall us the famous “to be or not to be”. That’s the test and we are not to stumble.

  2. Tomas says:

    I just want to add that your daughter’s picture looks as… it attracts indeed and is pierced with such … humble irony… I’m happy for we have met on a web.

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