A thought into space

More than a week ago I sent my mail with the WikiPPT to a couple of people.. If you don’t know what a WikiPPT is check this out.

A thought(a meme) into space.. Just curious who saw it, who enriched it. Wondering if the thought and the process of WikiPPT create enough energy to fulfill the cycle of 15 slides. Wondering if the value put into the slides determine if it the complete set will be made and sent back.

More and more I have difficulty seperating the process of making things and the end results.. What am I making with the WikiPPT? A slideset? An enriched thought? Inspiration? Is the value determined by the fact what this WikiPPT did with the participants or by the end result(end slideset)?

Maybe it is all here just for us to remember that the process of creation can have more value than the creation itself..

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