The Boutique Era

Via Ben Rowe I read this post from Tara Hunt(I will follow her now). She explains the generation/group of people who are favouring the small local shops above mass consumption/production.

The Boutique Era don’t look at their habits as ‘better’ or ‘gourmet’ (although some do, it’s not part of the core experience, in fact, the less it is about the snobbery, the better the experience). The basic underlying thread is the desire for experience rather than just consumption. Craft over commodity. Boutiquers can enjoy a $7 bottle of wine with the right story and even more with the right $3 cheese and baguette, so it isn’t about money either (like the Trading Up book suggests).

It’s about connection. Community. Local village and neighbourhoods (even if it isn’t geographically local or your neighbourhood).

It’s about caring about individuals and saying so with our spending (sometimes). It’s also about slow food, enjoying life and paying attention to the company we share it with (quite often).

And as per my last post, people from all sorts of areas, walks of life, motivations and desires are exhibiting these traits. What do you think it all means?

Well she asks what it means. I have the idea it is a way to cope with choice. The abundance of choice. Choice stress. Comparisons…
Just have a look at Barry Schwartz and his idea of the negative aspects of choice. How will me manage it all? What effect has it on us that we know that we cannot oversee the total supply of things we can attain? What effect does it have on brands? Will we sell ourselves the story that it is not the “buying of the best” that counts but “enjoying what you have bought” that counts?. Whatever the choice was. Will we learn to see the value in everything just to cope with this constant cognitive dissonance. So are the small things the new treasures. The small brands, the crafters and the passionate. I believe so.. We will be more inclined to shop with favourable “companies” than to shop through rationalised comparisons. Is this the reason why Stormhoek sells so much wine?

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