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WikiPPT Project progress..

Well yesterday I sent the first mail out. Followed by two update mails to clearify some things. Hans was so enthousiastic that he sent the powerpoint to 18 people around the world. (Oops..18 to the power of 15, hmm many … Continue reading

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BIG words for 2007: Intuitive User Interface

Nope nothing about iPhone..but Hillcrest’s fun new gadget and a Voice Activated Information System

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Far away from the truth

Adfoblog pointed out this funny YouTube clip. Excellent to show how far from the truth we still are. Amazing how rich the business culture is that we created..

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What are we doing?

yesterday i posted something on my other blog about The Value Chain. I just realized that it is also a very relevant topic to discuss on this platform. As a start a small quote from the Telco2.0 blog: Are telcos … Continue reading

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My iPhone post..shit!

I am not happy.. My loyalty to Nokia is threatened for the first time since the N7650(milestone).. This is a new MILESTONE! I have never in the 8 years I worked in the mobileindustry been so blown away.. I have … Continue reading

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Was talking to a friend of mine about sharing. He came with the idea to share a powerpoint presentation within a certain community where every participant in the group adds 1 slide to enrich the topic. The end results will … Continue reading

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From Profit chain to Value chain

I noticed that many companies don’t know in which business they are in. They lack meaning. Internal focussed companies. These are the”Profit Chains”. Most likely control, holding on and  closed are elements which can be found back in the strategy … Continue reading

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Being in the moment

Had an interesting talk today with some creative, passionate and visionary people. Some things that I took back from that meeting. Just one-liners.. More and more we live in the now: doing it, feeling it, experiencing it Just do it, … Continue reading

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Barcode Tattoo

Thanks to Coolhunting

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