Contribution to The Transition

I launched this blog January 1st this year. Some conclusions and outlooks..

From GROWTH to CONTRIBUTION has had the most impact on people. This philosophy that makes companies change their objective of running a business results in feedback, enthousiasm, recognition and creativity. Fertile ground to develop on..

Some people say it is a beautiful thought but just not feasible that companies will change their reason of being (Value extraction to Value creation). These people cannot see the pressure which is going to be created on companies by the Connected Consumer. This 180 degrees change of perspective will happen. Why will it happen? Because the money goes where value is offered. The consumer leads this change. This is not a company initiated trend. So it will happen. The first to act on it are the pro-active new brands(start-ups). They see it. They embrace new technology. They see Transparancy as a USP. Next are the smart followers(existing companies with visionary leaders, mostly privately owned). Then follow community brands. And then? Then chaos and panic. Dropping market shares.. New entrants eating niche by niche. Midlevel mngt sees how they are being pushed out of the game. Isolated on the sideline and not asked to play this game. Senior Mngt pushes and pushes..Hollowing the company. Extracting, squeezing and optimizing the existing machine. Meanwhile new hero´s arise. These new hero´s are buying company resources(production facilitities, distribution channels) and fitting them in nicely in their well organised transparant collaborate and community driven platforms.  Well that is the worst scenario…

Hope that the rest of the year we will try to create scenarios that are more positive and show flexibility, adaptivity and creativity.

My personal goal is to create tools(consults, workshops, lectures and presentations)to help companies go through this transition. If you are facing challenges in opening up your company and revealing your real identity send me a mail. Happy to help out.

I work based on donations. I don´t have a fee.

Greetings from peaceful Thailand..

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