Linkle: Social Sewing Cafe

Founded by 29 year old Linda Eilers, Linkle is the first dedicated sewing cafe we’ve come across. Knitting clubs have spread like wildfire over the past few years, with men and women gathering in pubs to stitch, bitch and get their craft on. A sewing machine, however, is rather more cumbersome than knitting needles and a bag of wool, leaving less room for social sewing.

A year ago, Eilers was teaching sewing classes in The Netherlands. Noticing a huge increase in the number of people interested in sewing their own clothes, Eilers spotted a gap in the market and left for Berlin, a city with low rents and plenty of crafters. Her sewing cafe, Linkle, is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 1 – 10 pm. Like internet cafes, people just walk in and install themselves behind a machine, and are charged by the hour (5 euros).

Besides 10 sewing machines, customers have a cutting table at their disposal, as well as Eilers’ extensive knowledge. She helps replace broken zippers and advises on tailoring a vintage dress or stitching a handbag. Linkle serves a wide range of customers—from teenagers customizing jeans, to a woman creating her own wedding dress.

For entrepreneurs with a knack for sewing (or carpentry, or almost any other kind of craft), now’s the time to make the most of the craft revival as it continues to expand. Set up a working / being space, and maybe combine it with a fabric or supplies shop. It might not be the most lucrative business, but at least you’ll be doing what you love. 😉

From Springwise

P.S. Have a look at Etsy(which means To Find in finnish) when you like crafting..

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2 Responses to Linkle: Social Sewing Cafe

  1. Gerjanne says:

    Last week I was pointing out a similar idea to a creative crafty friend of mine :o)

  2. thinkmobile says:

    That just points out that ideas are not created by us..but are just there and we just need to grab them out of the air.

    Do you know Great site about crafting..

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