Barack Obama’s Social Network

The newly announced and fresh looking presidential candidate Barack Obama has launched a Social Network called Very interesting to see his approach on truely involving the community in his campaign. See below a post from the blog of Barack Obama.

Everyone sort of suspected that there was a lot of support out there ready to mobilize for Barack Obama. Between the draft folks and the Facebook phenomenon, people have been taking this campaign into their own hands since before there even was a campaign.

Now, within twenty-four hours of making his formal announcement, it’s staggeringly clear how ready people across the country are to take up Obama’s challenge to become organizers and leaders of a different kind of campaign.

Since the announcement, over 1,000 grassroots groups have been founded on The My Groups tab to the right of this post offers any supporter the ability to join one of these 1,000-plus groups or found their own. Each group comes with its own email listserve, group profile, group blog, and group events.

This will not be a campaign where the willing and able must fill out a web form to volunteer and wait for a response in order to make a meaningful impact, and people are already proving it.

The variety of these groups will hopefully bring a smile to the face of anyone who appreciates seeing the scale of what many people, so empowered, can do, but which any small group of people tightly controlling something could never accomplish.

Here are just a few of the ones that have popped up:

Educators for Obama

Ohioans for Obama

Moms for Obama

Brooklyn for Barack

Macs for Barack 

Omaha / Council Bluffs Metro area Obama Supporters

Michelle Obama for First Lady 

Northern Iowa for Barack Obama

AmeriCorps Alumni for Obama

Believers for Barack 

Wyoming for Obama 

Cops for Barack 

And we’re just getting started. If you want to find a group or create your own, here’s where to go.

Big question is what will Barack do after he won the election with this Social Network. 😉


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