Engage and Die

Just posted a comment on Communities Dominate Brands. Found it worthwhile to post it here. It is about social networks/communities build around companies. Basically the advice I see regularly is to engage with your customer. This can be done through communities. I believe that engaging (willingness to communicate) is not enough. All your problems are not solved by engaging. Next to engaging you need to offer access to company resources. That makes it really interesting…Post is below:

Do these companies understand that we are entering a post capitalism world. Where not companies are the centerpiece but people. Production is not the motor of our world anymore. Many companies really overestimate the amount of discussion they will have with their customers. They overestimate their relevant importance in the lives of people. Relevant and interesting companies(should be products) are rare. Please dear companies focus on creating great tools to serve the public and this planet. Create these tools with your biggest fans(if you have any left). Focus on your true qualities. Analyze your access to resources. Rather do 1 thing great in the value chain than to do 3 things mediocre.

As an example: You have a water brand ==> You produce bottled water ==> you bottle fluids. Open up your production unit and let customers decide what they want to bottle.. Open Cola?

I hear a lot of advice to start engaging with your “(water)brand”. Your biggest users will evangelize your water. You don’t need to build a community around your water brand. It is just not interesting enough. Build it around your resources. Open up and give it away. “Ownership of resources” will change in this post capitalism world we are entering.

For consumers there are only 3 types of water: expensive water, chaep water and tap water. If you want to be the expensive water brand: focus on distribution. Force yourself through the channels and good luck to you!

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