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Pepsi’s new designs for cans

Just read on a dutch blog about Pepsi’s new cans. With these new designs(35) they try to attract the youth and hope that they will choose Pepsi over Coca Cola. Designs are for example about music, cars, and sport. People … Continue reading

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Self Expression

Great post on Ageless Marketing about the difference in Self Expression between the first halfers(young generation) and second halfers(older gen). I copypasted the whole article. Nothing to add further.. Self-Expression: The Continuous Re-creation of Self Self-expression is a morally broad … Continue reading

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Just read a blogpost about OpenCola. OpenCola is a brand of cola unique in that the instructions for making it are freely available and modifiable. Anybody can make the drink, and anyone can modify and improve on the recipe as … Continue reading

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IMG_1233 Originally uploaded by mobile2rhymo. So…holiday is over.. Yearly maintenance has been done. Tommorow I start fueling the engine again.. This is Afghanistan bytheway…

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Barack Obama’s Social Network

The newly announced and fresh looking presidential candidate Barack Obama has launched a Social Network called Very interesting to see his approach on truely involving the community in his campaign. See below a post from the blog of Barack … Continue reading

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Linkle: Social Sewing Cafe

Founded by 29 year old Linda Eilers, Linkle is the first dedicated sewing cafe we’ve come across. Knitting clubs have spread like wildfire over the past few years, with men and women gathering in pubs to stitch, bitch and get … Continue reading

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Nokia to arrange distribution for Scanbuy

Kate Berg from Scanbuy was so kind as to point me out on the fact that Scanbuy and Nokia have joined hands. Here an excerpt from the press release: ┬áNew York, NY, February 7 2007- Scanbuy, Inc., ( a global … Continue reading