What should Starbucks do?

On the great blog BrandAutopsy I reacted on a blogpost from John about Starbucks. He asked readers to react on how Starbucks should act now(read here the cause of the story). He will compile the answers and a make an e-book out of it. Well here the answer I mailed.

Hi John,


Well you challenged me with your question what should Starbucks do. First of all I don’t know Starbucks very well, but the situation Starbucks is in is not unique. Many companies have drifted it away from their original intended experience or mission. The last 20 years businesses and brands have been the center of our society. They were the engine and many their fuel. Our firm belief was businesses(brands) need to grow. Growth is good! It brings us wealth, jobs and power. Times have changed. We are at a changing point. At the end of a consciousness. We understand that “isolated growth” and abundance in choice don’t bring us satisfaction. We are building a new consciousness. One where we divert from products, brands and companies being the beatmasters of our lives. There is a shift in power.

The current movements in media and internet are showing where the world is going. Connected and empowered people are the new centerpiece. Money is not the fuel for this motor.. It is emotions and experiences. Now that people are driving the world. They start repossessing property long lost to again the brands. Property like space(ads), time(ads), production(co-creation) and media(web 2.0). All examples of the consumer having a greater influence on our available resources. These consumers need to be facilitated and served. Like we served the brands and large corporates. Focus needs to be on co-created value.

So how should companies act how’s life have been about production. How can you change if your whole house has been constructed to produce. Here is the real advice!!(better reference me)

  1. Start cutting the company up in to clear functions(production, distribution, innovation, retail)
  2. Resource analysis: Examine where you truly outperform your competition. Examine where you have unique qualities. Access to resources and skills
  3. Ask yourself if you still wish to be active in each function.( We live in a transparent world where only those how are excellent survive)
  4. In your chosen functions start developing a way how you could serve a connected, demanding and involved customer. Open your function. Create platforms to play. Invite customers. Give access to your resources and skills. Teach them, learn them, create together, improve together, market together.

Only those how can facilitate customers to jointly create great experiences will survive.

Power to the people

Raimo van der Klein

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