The Message..

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6 Responses to The Message..

  1. Lionel David says:

    This clip is really great especially because the beautifull song is coming from one my favorite band …Mogwai, its names is “Kids will be skeletons” from “Happy song for happy people” album..what a great name for such clip 😉

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Thanks for the info Lionel.

    Bytheway would you like to share how your project in Community Production is going?

  3. Great messages! Here’s mine :


    Got that same V for Vendetta mask (shown in the end).
    Brilliant movie.

  4. Once again as the image is not shown properly. Here’s a link :

  5. Gerjanne says:

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s really beautiful.

  6. Lionel David says:

    Hello ThinkMobile, the CrowdSpirit project is still on the design phase and on very good track !!. We will normally launch the official service for this summer. You can find further information on this interview on SmartMobs->….html

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