4 Responses to Jaiku wonder

  1. I agree Raimo. I don’t get all the fuss about Twitter. Jaiku the real breakthrough in this field. I’ve wrote an article (dutch) about Jaiku last year. Jaiku picks up where people that put @home, @work, @school in their IM nickname left off.

    From my point of view microblogging is just a new web20-term.

  2. thinkmobile says:


    Twitter starts to function as a router(or so).. with alot of development on the edges of the service.

    Jaiku is more of a location or destination

  3. When I look at the diagram that I think that the big circle for microblogging is a bit misleading. What is the difference between IRC / online chatrooms and “microblogs” in the diagram?

    From my point of view a difference between IRC and MBlogs is the social aspect. In IRC the context is defined by the room you’re in, with MBlogs the context is your social network.

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