Just installed Fring. Works like a charm. Really nice interface and a great site. I added my GTalk and MSN account. It works with Skype and SIP services aswell.

So now able to keep my twitter posts coming via GTalk account..better than SMS notifications

And I am able to doe VoIP calls.. Wow!(Well just tried to call…doesn’t work. Only the test call works..)


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2 Responses to FRING: VoIP and IM

  1. Yeah, Fring is fantastic! The VOIP calls also work flawless for me. The low latency is amazing. Now if everyone would get a flat-fee data account and install Fring we all could have cheap calls 🙂

  2. Otto says:

    Very interesting, I signed up for a similar service called Truphone, but I am having troubles signing up for this. I entered my number but I am not getting SMS. Would be great if it worked!

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