My ChangeThis Manifesto

Dear reader,

My proposal for a ChangeThis Manifesto was approved. Currently my proposal is up for voting. When I have enough votes(I have no idea what enough is) it will be published.

Here is my proposal:

Value Creation: The RIGHT way


The coming years competitive advantage for corporations is created purely by right brain activities: creativity, intuition, emotion, communication and a holistic view of the world. This manifesto is about releasing the strength of the right side brain within businesses. It shows ways to create new value in an emotional driven world. This manifesto has the ambition to support companies to reach their true potential. Not through growth but through self actualization. “A company at best can be itself”

Thanks for voting for this manifesto!

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3 Responses to My ChangeThis Manifesto

  1. Steli Efti says:

    Hi raimo! I saw your proposal on ChangeTHIS and voted for it! Good luck! Steli

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Hi Steli,

    Thanks!!! Let’s hope I get enough votes…


  3. Wim says:

    Hi Raimo,
    I voted on your porposal at ChangeThis. Like the subject. Especially the contradictio “Focus on growth (financial I suppose) hinders true corporate development”. I am a loyal reader of the ChangeThis-manifestos. They truly inspire. Hope to read your contribution soon! Greetings, Wim.

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