Message in a Bottle

Just read my weekly(or is it monthly?) update from Springwise. It had an article about Coca Cola:

 Magazine on a bottleOffering girls on the move something to read with their diet beverage,
Coca-Cola Belgium will be the first soft drink company to use the
Magazine on a Bottle concept.

It reminded me of a post I made about Coca Cola and their true value:

That made me think on the true value of Coca Cola. Currently I believe it is the distribution network. It is the distribution network that connects Coca Cola with the customer. The recipe is secret, but is it really that valueble?

What if Coca Cola sees cans and bottles as distribution units. What if I could put a mini CD in a canshaped container. Distribute it through the Coca Cola network. I could buy a chilled CD from the vending machine.

Hehe…let’s see when it happens..

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4 Responses to Message in a Bottle

  1. Springwise is weekly. My favorite newsletter.

    Raimo can you explain what you exactly mean with ‘true value’? Definition maybe?

    How about this?
    By means of its distribution network (true value) and its optimism (corporate value) Coca Cola can make a contribution to the 1.1 billion people that are currently without safe drinking water (true north).

    Planning to write an article about it, starting from this transformational-oriented commercial :

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Hi Tom,

    I saw your post about True North.. Now that you used the Coca Cola example it seems to fall into place.. True Value is the intrinsic value of the corporations? It’s resources, assets, skills… I like your dimension of corporate value..

    I believe the True North(broad thought) releases the corporate value and utilises the intrinsic value to realize it.. In my Wheel of Creation it goes like this: Intuition(True North feeling, self actualization) ==> Connect(corporate value, emotion) ==>Create(intrinsic value) ==>Implement.

    Somewhere next week I will post somehing about this..


  3. Looking forward to your post !

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