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Daddy doesn’t grow anymore..

My daugther of three is very proud that she is growing. In the car she asked if her sister is growing aswell. I confirmed. Then she asked if her friends are growing and her nephew and niece.. Yes they are … Continue reading

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See also this set on Flickr

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What can we learn from this?

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Kapitaal (Capital) is a project based animation made for Museum De Beyerd, Dutch Museum for Graphic Design. Kapitaal is a typographical stroll throug a Dutch city revealing the influence of graphic design. Kapitaal typo-animation by the order of the Beyerd … Continue reading

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I am the Media

Thanks to David Armano

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Nokia N95 Interactive Busstop Ad

Thanks to the fabulous Fresh Creation

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Mobile Monday Amsterdam

Currently I am busy setting up Mobile Monday Amsterdam. A chapter of the well known international network. Have a look at the blog. BTW we also have a Twitter account 😉 We try to organise the first meeting on the … Continue reading

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New World of sharing

I believe we have to go cold turkey on the trading way of living.. To really make progress we need to start sharing.. Sharing at networkevents, business, schools, wherever.. If you have an apple and I have an orange and … Continue reading

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Everything you always wanted to know about Mobile

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In case you didn’t notice, Advertising as we knew it is gone.

This one I am posting also on Contribution Marketing… Great post on Hee-Haw marketing. Comforting to see more are seeing the change.. Please read it! Here are some great parts out of that post: So, the picture should be even … Continue reading

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