Biomimicry: Innovation powered by Nature

Great inspiring video on TedTalks from Janine Benyus.

It just shows the strength of using nature not only as an analogy for innovation but really mimicing the nature..

With 3.8 billion years of research and development on its side, evolution has already solved problems that human designers and engineers struggle with.Enjoy!

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9 Responses to Biomimicry: Innovation powered by Nature

  1. John Grant says:

    inspiring stuff

    There was a briliant little picture book I used to have; each 2 page spread visually compared a natural design and a human design. You come to ealise that we havent invented very much more than what we see around us.

    Also Robert Bly quoted some research saying that early encounters with nature are vital in developing a useful set of intuitions about how the world works; its like a whole load of neural circuitry has been left blank awaiting early encounters with snow, ants, wet patches & so on. Why all 3 year olds (and not just future designers) need to meet wriggly worms & get sand between the toes.


  2. thinkmobile says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the very first comment..

    Love imagery of the three year old.. Can’t wait to go out into the woods with my daughter now πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Raimo, I wrote a blogpost ‘Living in An Ant Society’ last week.

    “Maybe we can learn something from ants. The individual ant makes a sacrifice within a group with a specific function, for instance cutting leaves or washing and carrying the leaves. The groups share their labor. Distributed labor. No hierarchy among the ants. Co-creation for a single purpose: Maintaing ant society.”

    If you didn’t do yet.. you might want to check out Sacred Balance for a vision on humanity’s place in nature.

  4. thinkmobile says:

    Hi Tom.

    Coincidentally I discussed ants last week with a friend.. We used to ant example to show what self actualization is.. Just be.. The ant IS! 100% focussed on being. Completely in the now with a clear purpose..


  5. Ants as role model for future contribution marketers? πŸ˜‰

  6. thinkmobile says: how organisations will start to function…

  7. Organisation run by / like ant heaps ? Fortunately ants are NOT handicapped with a will, individualism, nor an sense of anything at all.

    Unfortunately men are “handicapped” in several way’s. It is this “handicap” that brought us further in innovation, diversification but also in ruiining the earth and working against eachother.

    For these reasons an ant makes no sacrifice within a group, nor does any individual ant have a single purpose. An ant does not create, it only does what evolution made him to be. Or is this a discussion about intelligent design/ intelligent creation?

  8. thinkmobile says:

    An ant makes the ultimate sacrifice..every ant has a clear purpose..

    Have a look at this YouTube clip. A bit long and religious:

  9. Jeroen Meijer says:

    An ANT is a part of a complex system wherein it serves one purpose, it does not make a sacrifice, for an ant has no free will…

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