Ten Trends in Health and Wellness

The American strategic consulting, market research and business development organization NMI (Natural Marketing Institute) published their consumertrends in health and wellness for 2007. Very interesting to again show you a new list of trends. The main theme of the trends is: Control!

Consumers express their desire for control across their health, lifestyle, finance and other critical issues, while at the same time they want new innovative products, more information and show increasingly fragmented behavior.

1. The Age of the Individual:
The backlash to mass marketing and a declining trust in traditional authorities with the desire of consumers to produce their own content, products and services feeds the ever growing individualisation.

2. Seize the Moment:
Life is short so move to the “next” thing…experiment! This will result in Faster product lifecyles because of consumers who seek the thrill of discovering something new.

3. A Deeper Values Experience:
The experiments (trend 2) must have a deeper value. So we move from beyond materialism to values like: ecotourism, cause marketing programs.

4. Back to the Future:
In this fast society the words of the future will be “Small and authentic”.

5. The New Fear Factor:
We only thrust ourselves. We are a fear-based society in which consumers will take ever-greater control of their environment, property, time and safety.

6. It’s Reigning Men:
The fastest growing category in the bath and body care market are personal care products for men. These products will cut across all generations and will move into mainstream retail venues.

7. The New Consumer-Centric Media:
The advent of new media outlets puts people in much greater control of the communication world. Websites make so many things happen such as customization of products and tight-knit, virtual communities. The Internet is a significant source of shopping for health and natural products.

8. Memory Fast Lane:
Today’s world includes so much information and distractions that it becomes a problem for our concentration and memory. This trend will not only be for the elderly.

9. Working Women Revisited:
Flex time and dinner time are becoming more and more important. Women are the ones who have to pay for it and will work in the near future not 40 hours a week.

10. The Centenarian Century:
People over 100 years of age becomes the fastest-growing demographic group. This will have huge impacts on economics, society etc.

Ten great trends which are not all very new but all are very important for the future of every organzation.

Thanks to Extend Limits

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