Beyond Loyalty

An Adobe-sponsored survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit questioned business executives worldwide about the level of engagement their company has achieved with customers, the tactics used to cultivate it, and the key strategies and tools for achieving even deeper levels of engagement in the future. parti.pdf,partii.pdf,

My opinion:One of the conclusions of this piece is the believe that engagement will give us purpose and direction. I believe it will not. I believe that purpose will trigger engagement. There is no engagement without a purpose beyond profit. Engagement will only THEN happen and give you direction. If you can’t explain why you want to engage there is no purpose for engagement.. Following me?

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3 Responses to Beyond Loyalty

  1. After reading the first sentence of your comment I thought “huh shouldn’t that be the other way around??”. Then the 2nd sentence.. so agree with you.

    However couldn’t find anything on ‘purpose’ or ‘direction’ (search: ) in the two documents. Could maybe you pinpoint where to find the specific conclusion? Quite surprised about it.

  2. thinkmobile says:

    I kind of extracted it out of the conslusions part in second document.. It is not literary there….

  3. gregory says:

    i agree with you… meaning, our energy makes the response, … but i am seeing something different in the real world… did you ever try to contact a corporation? and the number of non functioning web sites? (bosch tools even, trying to find where to repair a tool) …. i think there is a strategy in place to avoid coustomers…. get there money and that is enough…. so efficient we are completely impersonal…

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