Coca Cola and Xerox go Holistic

On the absolutely great blog Credibility Branding I just read a post on a changing perception at some major corporations. During a show called PBS CEO Exchange hosted by Jeff Greenfield Anne M Mulcahy Chairman & CEO, Xerox Corporation and Neville Isdell talked about the huge jobs they faced when brought in to turnaround there respective companies (Neville was brought from the outside, Anne brought up from the inside).

Here are some comments from Jennifer on that show:

These companies are reinvigorating their corporate integrity and enhancing their points of credibility. They are not on the show discussing new lean manufacturing trends; those are now just a tactics (see last weeks post about this; Forrester). They are talking about humanizing their companies and using sound interpersonal cultural skills to make improvements. They are talking to their customers and channel partners and asking them how they use the products and where they see room for improvements. Neville talked about how easy it is to get lazy in success, and I would add it is easy to myopically focus on trimming and efficiencies rather than market need and understanding the end user benefits. Seth Godin has been talking about this topic for years, and The Coca-Cola Company is a case study in new holistic and humanistic forms of business strategy. Both of these CEO’s are demanding their employees offer criticisms and insights into areas of improvements… then they are actually listening and applying them.

Did anybody find the show on YouTube??? 😉

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