Going for the Core!

(Musings on the future of business)

Unbundling is probably the most important trend of current business. Next to the unbundling of products(customized Nike’s) and valuechains(opensource), also e.g. workforces are unbundled(freelancers). Main reasons that this process currently is happening is:

  1. Higher level of global transparency(increasing choice and competition). Excellence is the current benchmark.
  2. Development to Holism. We treat every “object” as a single entity and understand it’s place in a larger context. This instead to managing the complexity(looking at parts)

This fragmentation of loosely joined “objects” stimulates the process of Adhocracy. Intelligent(combining functions) organisms(products, networks, experiences, thoughts) created on a “for purpose” basis.

My personal belief is that “in the end” everything will be splitted up to it’s core function(intrinsic value). Resulting in a complete heterogenous market where intelligent products, services and experiences are created case by case.

Does this trend fit your business? Afraid to let go? 😉

Well accept the change! Chaos is the new structure!

Curious about your thoughts.

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1 Response to Going for the Core!

  1. EJ says:

    Moral Knight 😉

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