ShopText: Did you see this coming?

(via PSFK)

The New York Times recently reported on a company called ShopText that is enabling users to purchase products instantly through their mobile phone and charge it to their credit card. 

The NYT writes:

To use the system, a consumer must first place a phone call to ShopText to set up an account, specifying a shipping address and card account. After that, all purchases can be made by thumb.

When ShopText receives text messages about donations or products, it charges the credit card it has on file for the buyer, then, if appropriate, sends the product from one of its warehouses around the country.

“E-commerce only represents a fraction of total retail — the thing that holds it back is it’s tethered to an Internet connection,” said Mark Kaplan, founder and chief marketing officer of ShopText. “The cellphones link products to media. When people get the impulse to buy, they have their cellphones.”

Print advertisers in particular are excited about how the new technology will increase readers interaction with magazines and loosen the death grip internet has held over non-retail impulse shopping.

We imagine this must resolve a few dilemmas for folks on holiday who just can’t decide whether to spend the day at the beach go out shopping – why not both!   Watch out for more and more print ads displaying text-message codes. 

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2 Responses to ShopText: Did you see this coming?

  1. vic says:

    Convenience always has a price. I lost my phone last month and whoever found it bought TONS of mp3s online, and though I got the charges removed, it was that easy for someone else to spend MY money. Imagine if someone got a hold of your cell for a couple minutes and just bought stuff with YOUR credit card and set the shipping address elsewhere. Some people still think the Internet is an insecure place to shop, I don’t know if text messaging via cell phone would be safe either.

    ISP Survey

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