How big can Cosplay become?

This is Citizen Prime..He is NOT alone..

Role playing and Cosplay are big.. It is extending your virtual world into everyday reality.  The mekka of Cosplay is Japan. Where it is very common to see people dressed up on the streets. Have a look at this clip about Harajuku.

Somehow this converging of virtual worlds and the physical world is highly intriguing. With Augmented/Mixed reality the bounderies between these two worlds even become more vague.. Have a look at this clip and just try to imagine how the worlds might look.

Extending your avatar or WoW character into real life? Also trends like Parkour show a growing interest in reclaiming public space and see it as your public playground.

Probably the largest barrier for this to become more mainstream is a “safe” environment. High schools and universities will probably be the first places where this might take off. With games like Tag the first steps in that direction can be taken.

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3 Responses to How big can Cosplay become?

  1. Great post.

    Parkour, urban freeflow, is awesome by the way. The movie ‘Banlieu 13’ is all about it:
    Yamakasi too:

    “Even though I seek perfection, I wear my scars with pride.”

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