DripTXT: Taking Back Space

Lately I have been focusing on the movement of “Taking Back (Public) Space“. Creating, shaping, using Public Space for our own benefit.

Well now TXTual Healing (Interactive SMS based Street Performance) have a launched a new project called Drip TXT (Working with Adam Chapman and the hand of Graffiti Artist Jesus Saves). Yet another example how Public Space is transforming into a playground.

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2 Responses to DripTXT: Taking Back Space

  1. Raimo, check out this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKbtTPYZEig

    And maybe, you’ll like this one about clean graffitti as well: http://www.bright.nl/schone-graffiti-wijst-op-vervuiling

  2. thinkmobile says:

    Thanks.. Amazing info!

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