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iPhone versus N95(final)

Thanks guys very entertaining in this iPhone crazy week..Now back to Business..

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Clowns vs Krumpers

Somehow this fits with this blog and it’s topics.. Can’t figure out yet how to describe the link..

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iPhone versus N95(where is the PC guy?)

Posted and made by Symbianguru These guys made 6 clips. One clip a day leading up to the release of the iPhone. I will blog them probably if they remain so good 😉

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Urban Playfield

Great clip from HP about Augmented Reality promoting the Mscape project. Anyone withe Windows Mobile device that tried it? This time of the Urban Playground is something I touched also in this post. It fascinates me!

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My Twitter Growth Path

I see that went through different stages with Twitter or microblogging in general. Just the last weeks the true relevance of the application start to show as we the network start to grow through sharing.. I tried to fit the … Continue reading

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NFC wristband

Mobile telecoms firm O2 is launching a trial of near field communications (NFC) technology at a music festival later this month that will see select guests given a crystal-studded wristband embeded with the contactless technology.The telco says it will use … Continue reading

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Robot Puppy

I wish I had the skill to do this with my Nokia N800. Would be beautiful that there would be somekind of joined Nokia/Lego Mindstorms project.  Creating simple building blocks with product API’s for easy interaction and connection. Changing the … Continue reading

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Symbol for The Rising

Lovely clip of the Paul Potts story that shows for me the essence of the new flat world. If there is any aspirational marketing angle left worth exploring I guess it is this one: Daring to stand up. Daring to … Continue reading

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NOT Conference(Mobile Broadband in the red)

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