MGMaps(Google Maps Mash-up)

Today I installed MGMaps from Gmap-Track on my phone. A Google Maps Mash-up application connecting to my internal GPS sensor. Below some screenshots and some comments.

Nice feature is that my actual position can be transmitted to my personal webpage showing my location.

Nice feature are several services next to the traditional POI data. I like especially the fact that you can spot FON hotspots. Never knew how many were actually around in my neighbourhood

To top it all off you can forward the application via bluetooth if you don’t have the installer file..

EXCELLENT APP! Very promising.

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1 Response to MGMaps(Google Maps Mash-up)

  1. Fantastic! Espacially the dynamic POI feature.

    First you search with you’re 3g connection where the closest FON router is and then hop on to the world of free wifi 🙂

    TomTom could be in trouble soon …

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