Urban Playfield

Great clip from HP about Augmented Reality promoting the Mscape project. Anyone withe Windows Mobile device that tried it?

This time of the Urban Playground is something I touched also in this post. It fascinates me!

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8 Responses to Urban Playfield

  1. WOW !!!

    Nog gaver dan ik al dacht ๐Ÿ™‚

    MOGI uit Japan on steroids !

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  3. De demo ziet er wel heel anders uit dan het gemonteerde filmpje boven. Maar het idee is cool (maar zeker niet nieuw). Ik ben in dit kader ook erg nieuwsgierig naar de game Mobiel Amsterdam wat in september wordt gelanceerd.

  4. Raimo says:

    Hi Annet, did you use the application on your Windows Mobile phone? Before we can do this what we see in the clip. The device needs to become a lot “smarter” with some crucial additional sensors.. 2010?

  5. Fantastic!

    The funny thing that this isn’t so far away as most people think.

    It immediately solves the problem of all those kids that stay behind their computer all day and never get outside.

    Imagine this with a world of warcraft mashup … people on the street will never look the same.

  6. Lens-FitzGerald says:

    Cool, kan ik het eindelijk niet alleen uitleggen maar oon aan anderen laten zien.

    BTW en FYI: deze comment area zit in FF +/- 50 cm onder je item wat niet zo niet tot reactie uitnodigt.

  7. Great movie Raimo. Thanks for sharing. Finally I know what this phenomen is called. It fascinates me too. Wasn’t there a buzz a while ago about al sorts of people connecting somehow and chasing with waterpistols in public transport?

  8. Imagine wearing videoglasses which are plugged in to your mobile device. You could have an experience and afterwards not knowing what was real or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

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