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“Branding is no longer the future of business”

  Sometimes you read a post that just is SPOT ON! This time it is Russell Davies with a big post about how the value of branding is being overtaken by what I call Contribution Marketing and Purpose Driven Innovation (Russell: … Continue reading

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Pattern Recognition

A great example of pattern recognition: a collection of animals made up using tube lines, stations & junctions of the London Underground map Thanks to Information Aesthetics

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.. and some quotes from Reboot

Thanks to Disambiguity

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MGMaps(Google Maps Mash-up)

Today I installed MGMaps from Gmap-Track on my phone. A Google Maps Mash-up application connecting to my internal GPS sensor. Below some screenshots and some comments.

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Cam Clic

Impressive demo of Cam Clic

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Some nice Reboot 9.0 ppt’s

I wish I would have been there. It makes it even more mysterious not understanding all the slides in their context. It triggers my mind to fill in the gaps..

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5 Universal Rituals

BBDO recently conducted a survey investigating the powers of rituals in our lives.. Human beings are creatures of habit—the morning coffee with two sugars, the post-lunch brush and floss, the bedtime yoga routine with lights dimmed. Advertisers, on the other … Continue reading

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New Views on Viral spread

(picture from Ablaze) According to Duncan Watts and Peter Dodds(see report here) viral spreads work differently than we assumed(Gladwell in the Tipping Point and in books like the Influentials by Jon Berry and Ed Keller) It is not the influentials … Continue reading

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Creating Magical Objects

A CD player was disassembled and the components rearranged to suit the layout of a phonograph. The speakers are put below the trumpet loudspeaker for amplification. The wooden box is made slightly more spacious then the electrical PCB board needed … Continue reading

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