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Pokemon coming to AR soon?

AR(Augmented Reality) is I guess now a small year away from the first commercial applications. Probably a mobile game will be the first to have a go.. The number if AR projects currently in universities must be huge if I … Continue reading

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Creationist WOM versus Evolutionist WOM

Great Slidecast(slideshow with Audio commentary) 0n two very different routes on Word of Mouth(WOM). After you have seen this you may guess which one I prefer šŸ˜‰ Hint: read the Contribution Marketing and Purpose Driven Innovation tabs hehe

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Pushing Buttons!

Digital remixing..

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Clean City Law in Sao Paolo

Well the Clean City Law is active in Sao Paolo.Ā  Here a nice clip showing some nice insights in this action from Mayor Gilberto Kassab to ban almost all outdoor advertising in Sao Paolo

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Co-creation in prison

Evere thought that the greatest marketingactivity for a prison ever would be created by it’s inmates. Have a look at this clip of 1500 inmates the the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines performing MichaelJackson’s Thriler. It is … Continue reading

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Transformers are real!

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Some subjects I am thinking off

I am in a transition phase.. Last few weeks I was somehow full of information. Not even interested in reading blogs.. Really an incubation time. On the one side still amazed by the web2.0 phenomenon and on the other hand … Continue reading

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Continuous waterfall of conversations

Just read a really great blogpost from Russell Davies on the I Love Technology conference, which I would really loved to visit(Check it out the post great little web nugget). Something that really inspired me in this post was something … Continue reading

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Short on staff? Hire a robot!

Just read an article in the Japan TimesĀ about People Staff, a japanese temp agency, that rents out robots to do receptionist work.. So are we really at the beginning of robots entering our service industry? Interesting development. People Staff planĀ the … Continue reading

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It is all human and all LIVE!

Great clip from ZzZ. Thanks to Maarten

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