Some subjects I am thinking off

I am in a transition phase.. Last few weeks I was somehow full of information. Not even interested in reading blogs.. Really an incubation time. On the one side still amazed by the web2.0 phenomenon and on the other hand seeing a new wave coming.. Slowly I am gathering some new bits and pieces. Not sure yet what the new wave exactly is but here are some things I am wondering:

  • Redefinition of ownership and property. How do we cope with ownership in a holistic society?
  • Importance of mechanics/design compared to information technology. Is this balance changing?
  • What is the influence of constant connectivity on our asocial behaviour?
  • How much of “the resources” are the people going to take back? Media, distribution, fabrication, design, natural resources?
  • Collectivism and Swarming, Non-zero sum games,
  • How arw Wish-based economies linked to Adhocracy
  • Changing state of matter solid(old world) => liquid(current and near future state)=> gas
  • The Borg versus free will
  • Mental muscle pain of our active online lifestyles
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