Creationist WOM versus Evolutionist WOM

Great Slidecast(slideshow with Audio commentary) 0n two very different routes on Word of Mouth(WOM). After you have seen this you may guess which one I prefer 😉

Hint: read the Contribution Marketing and Purpose Driven Innovation tabs hehe

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2 Responses to Creationist WOM versus Evolutionist WOM

  1. Nice slideshow.
    Didn’t have time to watch the whole thing.
    My opinion about it:
    It’s not what you believe. It’s the quality of the product.
    If you innovate your product well enough you don’t need to create word of mouth.
    It will just happen.
    If your product is just one of many, you’ll have to be innovative in promoting it.

    It’s both innovation, but I prefer innovating better products.

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