Do you know TOMS shoes?

TOMS shoes is a great initiative. For every pair that is sold one pair is given away for free to children in need. Below a video about the first TOMS shoe drop in Argentinia.

Great example to see the strength of a meaningful wish and sense of purpose. Also a very innovative businnesmodel.

Looks like shoes are a great product to follow current changes in the global marketplace. Couple of months ago I wrote about Veja which is using ecological input, fair trade and respect for workers to create change.

Recently I also saw a great innovative shoe called Skins. Very innovative! See the video below

Thinks about it.. no need to fit shoes anymore.

Thanks to Russel Davies for bookmarking TOMS

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3 Responses to Do you know TOMS shoes?

  1. ginny says:

    TOMS is a great company with an amazing mission to make life more comfortable for everyone. They are taking 40,000 pairs of shoes to children in South Africa this November, based on the shoes they sold throughout the year. If you want to help, check out, and for free shipping through the end of August, enter code:ginny.

  2. TOM says:

    TOMS rock! What’s in a name hehe. :p

    Tomsshoes was on newsletter couple of months ago I think. If you don’t get the Springwise newsletter on innovative business ideas you should certainly consider subscribing.

    (There are (only) 2 newsletter that I have always read since subscribing: and

  3. Raimo says:


    Probably missed it then. I have two newsletters aswell.. Guess which ones? 😉 Yup the same…

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