New phase started

Well today was my last day at KPN. A very special day for me. From monday onwards I will be an independent entrepeneur. Very exciting!

So what are the plans? Well actually I don’t have many plans. I am just looking forward of slowly filling in the blank page in front of me. Let’s see who crosses my paths en where the roads will lead me..

There are ofcourse some pillars that give me some foundation. I am planning to spend more time on MobileMonday. We have grown spectaculair this summer and have more than 400 members and our events are visisted by more than 200 persons. I am really looking forward to further build this platform.

Next to Mobminds I am also investigating the set-up of an network of independent Innovation specialists. The name of this network will be Tribeminds(not working yet). Also very exciting and working with some great people to make this a success.

Further I am currently developing a mobile portal involving RSS remixing and filtering. Very ambitious project! Let’s see where that is going šŸ˜‰

Well exciting times. Next week I am planning to just talk with a lot of people about the market, its challenges and opportunuties. I still have some room in my agenda next week so If you would like to have lunch or grab a cup of coffee let me know!

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6 Responses to New phase started

  1. Just another milestone, I’m sure a lot more will come!

    If the TNT did their work you already should have a lunch invitation šŸ˜‰

  2. Raimo says:

    How is lunch thursday 6th of September? šŸ˜‰

  3. GefeliciTaart! In Arnhem @ Het Hoofdkwartier we have great coffee, great lunches, wifi & it’s near the station… You’re very welcome!

  4. Raimo says:

    Hi Gerjanne, thanks for the invitation Will take that in mind when in the neighbourhood!

  5. Mike Janssen says:

    Brave and logical step for those who have follwed your activities. I like your new powerpoint grid by hte way. Feels natural with what your writing abot. Remember to follow your bliss! Lots of succes, Mike

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