11 Responses to Google’s move to the Mobile LIVE web

  1. erwin blom says:

    I agree, but i wonder why Google did buy Dodgeball in the past (location awareness on the mobile / which buddy or flirt is in the neighbourhood) and did nothing with it. Didn’t they realise the mobile potential then? They seem to do now.

  2. Interessting Raimo but here are a few questions:

    “Creating a sense of LIVE on your mobile” Could you elaborate…?

    Wouldn’t it be better to name the Internet Mobile axis in your diagram Desktop Mobile or even 1-location (@work, @home, @…) Anywere

    Why did you add Virtual internet and Internet of Now ? Isn’t the difference between communication and content clear enough? Or are you trying say something different? Communication = publish & consume, Conent = publish ?

    Oh yeah, you should really look at an wordpress theme in where you don’t have to scroll for 5 seconds to post a comment ;).

  3. Raimo,

    I don’t get the picture. What is the Not so interesting area? Any examples of applications in this space?


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  5. Raimo says:

    @Sander, which mobile site are populair? Buienradar, ANWB, News, latest sports.. Do you see any pattern? It is the “NOW”..

    Bottom right is way better to do on an big screen.

    Bottom right are the Snack TV, NON live Mobile TV

    Bottom right are the java games

    Bottom right does not connect you with the REAL world.

    Personally I believe the mobile phone is about “making the most of Now.”(sounds familair? ;-))

    The virtual experience is suited for well known time on the train or bus..

    There are not many great NOW services. Jaiku is transforming Social Sites into NOW experiences. It shows the latest.. Not the whole directory. It is not about browsing and searching in deep databases.. Do you see the difference?

  6. Some spectacular news indeed.
    Confirming the importance of the projects I’m involved in at KPN.

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