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Droste 2.0

I just experimented a bit with Qik. Qik is a mobile video streaming service. Very nice and simple app. So what is I did: I started to videostream to my Qik profile. At the same time I watched this live … Continue reading

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Now 15% discount on N810!!!

Nokia (represented by ” The Candyman” as Adam calls him) and Adam Curry joined forces to get everyone on a internet tablet. Finally also in the Netherlands we can profit from this deal. Check out the offer.. Here is … Continue reading

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Official YouTube Mobile beta app.!!

Wow.. Just played with the new beta application from YouTube. It is a java app*!! Which is I can tell you a big challenge when your product is video. The app. has an build in flash player (I assume) and … Continue reading

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NiiMe: N95 as a Wii controller

Check out the NiiMe project Turn your N95 into a wireless mouse/wheel. Thanks to Darla Mack

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3 clips on Virtuality

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Beyond Multi-Touch: Touchless Device Controls

To go beyond touch and create touchless 3D device control interface, Nokia decided to use Ultrasonic Transducers (USTs), arrayed around the perimeter of the display. Ultrasonic transducers emit ultrasonic sound waves that propagate through air. When finger gets into the … Continue reading

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Social Hibernation

The last month(s) of the year always effect me tremendously. They slow me down. Make me less creative, less communicative and bring me in a kind of mood that I am awaiting something. Some big BANG that never happens.. But … Continue reading

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